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ReGeneration Surf is bridging the gap between surfing and science, and pioneering innovative ways for surfers and coastal communities to engage in ocean literacy, citizen science and marine restoration.

As a coalition of of expert, local partners across the fields of Ocean literacy, community, marine science, ecosystem restoration and community engagement, we are working together to:

regenerate the ocean by engaging this generation of surfers.

Regenerative thinking

Zero Waste Lab are engaging local communities in circularity.

Regenerative thinking helps us find ways to adapt and change our systems – and we need only look to nature for the best ideas. Part of this process is exploring and experimenting with new systems, finding positive feedback loops and supporting ways everyone can easily and effortlessly support the protection of the ocean to produce multiple benefits.  We’re talking win-win scenarios. 

Zero Waste Lab is a non-profit organization which addresses both our individual responsibility in embracing best consumption and waste-prevention practices in daily life, as well as our capacity to influence others through pro-activism. Their workshops facilitate design focussed solutions to our consumption problems, and show how we can transition to be more like nature and produce no waste.  They bring together people from the local ecosystem, enabling shared initiatives and helping weave of synergies, collaborations and potentialities of moving towards a zero waste system on land.

Ⓒ Zero Waste Lab
Ⓒ Zero Waste Lab
Ⓒ Zero Waste Lab

Regenerative feeling

Oceans and Flow are exploring the human-ocean relationship.

Oceans and Flow are an International team focused on water and aquatic movement. They have spent the last 2 years creating Programa Atlantis – an educational event featuring engaging talks, actions and workshops to promote ocean literacy, and their work has just been featured in National Geographic. They facilitate innovative journeys, deep experiences and inspiring films that combine ecotourism, adventure, well-being, art, culture, with different aquatic practices in connection with nature. 

Through their OCEAN Session, youngsters dive into aquatic practices such as snorkeling and freediving, sharing the benefits of water to cultivate self-knowledge and well-being.  Oceans and Flow offer an initiation to the underwater world and an invitation to feel the elements of nature, connect with the Ocean and get to know marine life. This is where regeneration meets the next generation of ocean advocates.

Ⓒ Sunny Breger
Ⓒ Sunny Breger
Ⓒ Sunny Breger

Regenerative doing

Mossy Earth and Seaforester are restoring natural ecosystems in the Ocean.

Together they are working towards reversing the alarming disappearance of kelp forests around Portugal’s coastline, in order to safeguard the oceans’ vital role of carbon sequestration, maintaining fish stocks and securing the planet’s wellbeing. 

Their kelp restoration partnership aims to advance the novel ‘green gravel’ method, in association with researchers at the CETEMARES & IPLeiria lab in Peniche. This process uses lab grown kelps, attached to small rocks, that are distributed across degraded reefs to reestablish new kelp canopies.  By engaging surfers in the cultivation and deployment of green gravel, the project invites opportunities for citizen scientists and local marine stakeholders to become actively engaged in the restoration process. 

Ⓒ Mossy Earth
Ⓒ Seaforester
Ⓒ Margarita Salyak/World Surf League: Seaforester and Mossy Earth working to restore the ocean by replanting kelp forests in the Peniche area prior to the commencement of the Opening Round of the MEO Pro Portugal on March 2, 2022 in Peniche, Portugal.

Thanks to our additional partners:

World Surf League
We Are One Ocean

We are endorsed as an official Ocean Decade Activity.

Let’s plant a seed in the Ocean.

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We’re recruiting surfing citizen scientists to help reforest the Ocean.

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