ReGeneration Surf

Together we are ReGeneration Surf

We’re pioneering innovative ways for surfers and coastal communities to engage in ocean literacy, citizen science and marine restoration.

We believe it’s up to this generation, to regenerate the ocean.

who are we?

ReGeneration Surf

is a non-profit, partnership project, working in collaboration with World Surf League and WSL Pure. The project launched during the World Surf League’s MEO Portugal Pro contest in Peniche, March 3-13th, 2022.

ReGeneration Surf

represents a coalition of expert, local partners across the fields of Ocean literacy education, scientific research, ecosystem restoration and community engagement with a shared mission: to regenerate the ocean by engaging this generation of surfers.

ReGeneration Surf

builds on the interconnections already present between surfing, ocean conservation, citizen science, climate change solutions and zero waste strategies, to create win-win scenarios for the Ocean and humanity, starting at a grassroots level.

Want to get involved?

ReGeneration Surf is being made into a short film!

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Regenerative thinking, feeling and doing.

Through a shared a vision of a healthy, thriving blue planet, Regeneration Surf commits to helping blue communities take an active role in caring about, conserving and replenishing their local ocean habitats.

We want 2022 to mark the regeneration revolution!


are restoring lost Kelp forests off the Portuguese coast. They are piloting a new technique called “Green Gravel” where Kelp plants are seeded onto small stones and cultivated in the lab.  Once the Kelp is ready, the gravel is deployed around the local coastline, helping to restore and strengthen marine ecosystems, whilst providing CO2 capture benefits. 


offer ocean sessions as an initiation to the underwater world and a chance for local youth to experience the local Ocean.  Students learn to understand the relationship between themselves and the sea, whilst developing skills of ocean literacy and cultivating the benefits of water.  This is where connecting with the ocean and marine life, inspires the next generation of ocean advocates.


workshops facilitate design focussed solutions to our consumption problems. They provide pathways for how we can transition to be more like nature and produce no waste.  By bringing together people from the local ecosystem, they enable shared initiatives and help weave together synergies, collaborations and potentialities of moving towards a zero waste system on land. 

ReGeneration Surf

is an official Decade of Ocean Science Activity. This endorsement is designed to bridge the gap between surfers and scientists, and help achieve “the science we need, for the ocean we want” by 2030.

Regenerative thinking, feeling and doing.

In 2022 we ran workshops based around this ethos.

They intertwined ways to become more regenerative in our daily practices.

This included:

Restoring natural ecosystems in the Ocean
Engaging local communities in Ocean science and systems thinking
Exploring the human-ocean relationship through surfing and freediving

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What does regeneration even mean?

We’re talking about regeneration in terms of regenerative design or systems: whereby nature teaches us the most efficient ways to produce, use, consume and transform energy flows.

This can refer to everyday activities – like surfing – or figuring out “wicked” sustainability problems like marine biodiversity loss.

We’ll be delving deeper into this concept, as we talk to our partners about what “regenerative” means to them.

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